Churchill Academy (Secondary Education)


I attended the performing arts school Churchill Academy from 2011 to 2016. Although I did not enjoy and quite frankly resented studying academics, I was delightfully satisfied with my chosen subjects Drama, Music, and Music Technology.


My favourite activity at secondary school was Technical Theatre. I had been apart of a technical theatre extracurricular club from year 8. I very much enjoyed the technical side which I chose instead of performing in drama for my final two years. During my time at the club, I operated and designed lighting for many shows as well taking part as stage crew in several theatres across the UK. This comprehensive experience in production, lighting, and sound over four years gave be the basis for my lighting and sound skills for my films. The production side reinforced my knowledge of the production process. To see my full experience and credits in theatre please visit my StarNow profile.


In my GCSE Music, I learned how to compose music, creating two pieces of film music. This experience helped me to compose my own music for my films using Cubase.


Studying music technology I was given the opportunity to produce an album with a band and be on the technical team for live performances. This really enhanced my skills and knowledge of audio and music production.

Weston College (Further Education)


I studied an Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production at Weston College from September 2016 to June 2018. This course really pushed me as a content creator and media producer. My tutors were excellent, always stretching my ability and setting me new personal challenges.

I was taught all about the production process of planning, shooting, and post; including terminology, job responsibilities, and admin. I was involved in many workshops to develop my technical skills. This course was based heavily on practical application and this is where I truly shone.


Throughout the course, there were 19 units all focusing on different aspects of media. This includes radio, factual tv, live tv, media theories, genre, industry and many more. My most favourite units were the most practical and creative ones, documentary, 3 genres short film, music video, film trailer, client brief, and final major project.


Screenology (Higher Education)


Since September 2018 I have been studying a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production at Screenology in Bristol, UK. Screenology is not your average conventional film school. They believe in lean filmmaking, making a film with a small turn-around. Teaching codes and practices that will improve productivity and learning, with minimal non-practice. Whether I'm lean enough, I'll find out.

In my first semester, I was involved in, re-creating a scene from Jurassic Park (1993) and creating a film in under 48 hours with just a smartphone. After these challenges, 6 sprints followed until the end of term. What are sprints you ask? A period of time (usually 2 weeks) to develop, write, shoot and edit a film. A brief would entail our learning objectives and after one week, we would have the opportunity to screen the film with fellow peers to share constructive feedback.

Cine Ultra

In April 2019, myself and three students from Weston College and Screenology formed a limited partnership with the aim of providing film/video production services and build a brand.


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